#Ideation 25

If you’re reading this, chances are you already knew what modular phones are. Like the Phonebloks concept, the canceled Project Ara by Google and the very repairable Fairphone.

All the concepts have been leaning towards the idea of sustainability. But not everyone would buy that idea; it’s like someone trying to sell you healthy food. Could I eat the same healthy food every day? In the Singapore context, a bowl of salad is more expensive than a MacDonald’s meal. S$11~S$13 a bowl from SaladStop!, S$5~S$9 a meal from MacDonald’s, and not forgetting some sinful local food you can get under…

Image from https://www.quora.com/What-would-Apple-create-if-they-were-to-move-into-the-DSLR-industry

The question has been asked a couple of times on the internet. Will Apple someday release a full-fledged camera, not an iPhone, that is on par with Leica on quality and price tag. I wouldn’t be surprised if it even cost $5,000.

You might be wondering, why? You have an iPhone in your pocket. Mobile camera technology has improved a lot over the years, but I still feel that the phone still can’t beat the physical size of the lens and the image sensor of an DSLR camera. Yeah, you use computational imaging to superimpose multiple images in split seconds…

#Ideation 23 Dual-booting between iOS/iPadOS and macOS in a single Apple silicon device.

It’s a future guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A brief history of companies tinkering with the idea of turning a phone into a laptop and how Apple might one day release such a device.


Motorola Atrix 4G running on Android 2.2, changes its interface when docking on Lapdock.


Briefly highlighting Asus PadFone, basically turns a phone into a tablet. Not so much on phone turning into a laptop.


HP announces Elite x3, a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Continuum is the phone’s defining feature, with the ability to connect to a Lap Dock, which is a laptop shell that…

#Ideation 22

Many reviewers had mentioned the lack of the function row keys on the new iPad Magic Keyboard. With the addition of the trackpad and mouse cursor support from iPadOS, it makes sense to remove that row for the trackpad. But why couldn’t they add a Function key and have the multimedia icons printed on the same keys as the numbers? Maybe it’s their design language that prevents them from doing so?

So I did a quick rework on the keyboard layout based on what I mentioned earlier, removed the F3 and F4 feature as it doesn’t work on iPad, added…

#Ideation 21

Since iOS 13 brings mouse support to the iPhone or iPad via an Accessibility feature called AssistiveTouch. It quickly got a lot of attention over the internet 🙄 (Android has it long ago, but nobody cares). And soon, with the latest iPad, Apple grabs the opportunity to refine the cursor look and behavior (Definitely better 😉). Making the iPad even more like a computer.

I began wondering, why do you want to use a mouse to control your phone? So I give it a try, using a Bluetooth mouse that was lying around. Surprisingly enough, I like it when I’m…

#Ideation 20

Ever missed your station when your eyes were glued to your phone and your earphones just blocked out the train announcer? I did. And I wish there’s this simple app that just pushes a notification whenever you reach a station or probably your favorites.

#Ideation 19 — or I’ll dub it the PlayStation Xperia, PSX

Yes, now probably it’s the best time for Sony to release a real gaming phone. Competitive mobile gaming on the rise. You can remotely play games from your PS4 / PC to your mobile and with Google releasing its game streaming and distribution platform, Stadia, along with Microsoft’s Project xCloud. Once Apple iPhone adopts the 5G network, the entire world will be pushing for it. Gaming on mobile will be your wildest dream since the Gameboy. So what does it takes to be a real gaming phone?

From the left, ROG Phone 2, Razer Phone 2 and Black Shark

The Phawx mentioned at the beginning of this video, “I do not consider…

#Ideation 18

A simple idea for iOS.

The above is my iPhone 7 and my time killing apps.

I keep a specific group of apps into folders, even they are used daily. From entertainment, photography/videography tools, banking/payment, to messaging apps. But how often you use the apps might be contextual, increased usage on Kindle when you purchased a new book. Twitch, when Overwatch League is going on. Or I am merely using it heavily unknowingly.

Since Apple implemented the screen time feature in iOS, having an auto sorting feature in the folder should be an easy task for the team. Lastly, sort it while the phone is not active.

#Ideation 17

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung and Huawei have been making the headline on their folding phones recently, and I’m excited about it! However, there’s always a BUT, the price tag of US$1,980 and the display crease seen on the folding edges aren’t attractive. Would you pay for that price so that you could fold your “tablet” and keep it in your pocket? Wouldn’t it be cheaper if I get myself a phone and a tablet separately?

Speaking of the tablet, I had my fair share use of tablet since my very first generation Apple iPad (2010), my second, current and also probably the last…


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